Biztech Management Consultants

Are you less than satisfied with your outsourcing initiatives?

Do you feel you are in a constant tug-of-war with your vendors?

Are you achieving your incremental metrics but missing out on the original vision of your transformation initative?

Biztech Management Consultants was created with the singular motivation to help organizations realize and optimize their business outcomes from their transformation, outsourcing, and sales enablement initiatives.  Time and again, we see a void in the market.  The traditional advisory services are very focused on creating the ‘perfect deliverables’ rather than pragmatic design of execution principles that will achieve the projected and desired strategic goals.  In the process, they lose sight of the big picture and are applauded for short-term goals of the immediate step in the overall program.

At Biztech, we work with you to formulate a pragmatic and holistic plan that will achieve long-term and interim outcomes.  We are a virtual organization of seasoned experts who have extensive industry and Big-4 consulting experience.  Our services are tailored to provide assistance to both client and vendor organizations.

Our Consulting portfolio consists of 5 interrelated services necessary for any transformation:

  1. Outsourcing Advisory
  2. Transformation Advisory
  3. Strategic Sales and Account Management Advisory
  4. Facilitation
  5. Staffing Service