Biztech Management Consultants

In today’s digital economy, if your IT systems are not strategic assets they are strategic liability.  Biztech Associates have deep capabilities in mentoring, leading, and executing major transformation initiatives successfully at Fortune 500 organizations.  Our Associates bring deep knowledge of diverse technology capabilities that can be leveraged to meet clients’ strategic objectives and build scale in their organizations that will allow sustainable profitable growth.

Our Associates are comfortable in:

  1. Executing the entire end-to-end lifecycle or any portions of a transformation initiative
  2. Facilitating design of digital processes ensuring consensus amongst all stakeholders and alignment with your profitable growth strategy
  3. Mentoring & Coaching or Leading client teams through execution


We deploy a pragmatic approach to customize a deployment methodology most suited for the situation, eliminating any unnecessary or low-value steps:

  1. Custom-tailor unique deployment methodology for each situation to optimize cost and value-add
  2. Facilitate and ensure alignment of Business Strategy
    1. Assess current situation
    2. Compare current situation to industry benchmark
    3. Conduct Executive, Customer, Supplier, and Employee interviews – As Necessary
    4. Identify future direction, analyse current gaps, and lay out a future roadmap
  3. Facilitate and ensure alignment of IT Strategy with Business
  4. Conduct an IT Portfolio Analysis
    1. Output includes: IT inventory, current performance and satisfaction levels, strategic fit of technologies, and recommendations
  5. Develop a transformation roadmap supported by Business Cases
  6. Facilitate Business Process Re-engineering with an emphasis on automation to enable ‘Management by Exception’ and build scale
  7. Provide Program oversight, including requisite Change Management, during Implementation

The Results:

  1. Enable a business model that will compete effectively in the digital economy
  2. Revitalize your IT systems from performing as Operational Support Systems to functioning as Strategic Assets
  3. Build scale and ensure sustainable profitable growth